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This website have been designed and published to learn and try out some basic- and advanced web technologies. Things I am interested on to understand are Web 2.0 with AJAX, and .net technics, dynamic websites, mashups (e.g. for location based services, search, etc.) and Javascript. I also would like to see how to use cloud services. I know, it´s not a big thing for lets say real web developers, but for a beginner like me, it is very interesting to see how it works.

My first project is this website itself. I would call it a site with Web 1.0 style, actually old stuff. The design and layout have been choosen out of the templates delivered with Microsoft Expression Web. I did only a little bit of customization. So, no big deal if you know how it works of course.

My second project, I have called it "Impressions of Australia" and have been designed with Microsoft Deep Zoom Composer, Expression Web and Silverlight.

Over time, I will add new projects to the site, depending on my time. Just check out the News or Project section.




Australia - my very first project with Silverlight inside.

Have fun with this page and the amazing zooming effects. Just click on to the pictures and scroll with the wheel of your mouse device.

Please have the little Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed, if you not have already.

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